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"You don't have to be a fantastic hero to do certain things; to compete. You can be just an ordinary person, sufficiently motivated to reach challenging goals. The intense effort, the giving of everything you've got, is a very pleasant bonus."
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Some photos of the sunset at Hillarys Marina one fine (but windy!) evening.
Sunset at Hillarys Marina
Date: 29th November 2004

Richard, Jai and Javier went to the Aviation museum in Bullcreek to view the planes and displays there.
Aviation Museum
Date: 02nd October 2016

We went to Castledare Miniature Railways to celebrate Jais birthday and enjoy the trains.
Date: 05th June 2016

Some photos of Jai from during the week, including visiting Time Zone, Lakeside, Rotary Park, the Blue Park, Nandos in Perth, Arena Pool and playing at home.
Jai at 2 years, 21 weeks
Date: 28th October 2011

Helen celebrates her 21st birthday down in Eaton, WA with friends.
Helen Mortimer's 21st Birthday
Date: June 2001

We took some time to go to Neil Hawkins park in Joondalup
Neil Hawkins park
Date: 13th May 2017

Jai turned 8, and we celebrate
Jai's 8th birthday
Date: 05th June 2017

Optus have their christmas party.
Optus Christmas Partido
Date: 10th December 2004

We caught up with some old friends for a breakfast buffet at Hillarys Marina.
Catchup with Greg, Antonietta, Kevin and Melanie.
Date: 03rd October 2010

Phil has a birthday party and the usual crew come around to celebrate.
Phil Whillier's birthday party
Date: 23rd January 2004

Some photos of Javier, including visiting Adventure World, and having his hair cut
Javier Mortimer - week 77 (1 year, 25 weeks)
Date: 09th December 2015

We flew out to see Paw Paw and Kong Kong in Malaysia. These are some of the pitures we took on the way over.
Flying to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Date: 26th March 2016

Javier during the week, including photos at home, Adventure world, the Avon river, the Chocolate factory, and the church in Nidland
Javier Mortimer - week 129 (2 years 25 weeks)
Date: 07th December 2016

Some photos of Javier from the week, including at home and the local park.
Javier Mortimer - week 68 (1 year, 4 months)
Date: 07th October 2015

Javier - day 25
Javier Mortimer - day 25
Date: 12th July 2014

This months slot car meet was held on Daves Way Out West Raceway track. The race results and other photos and videos will be posted to the forum, so feel free to discuss them there.
HO Slotcar Racing at Way Out West Raceways
Date: 26th August 2006

Javier in week 21
Javier Mortimer - week 21
Date: 12th November 2014

Photos from the Nokia camera phone, including pictures of our engagement, cats, lovebirds and the Indian Ringneck Polly.
Nokia Camera Phone Pics, Q3, 2006
Date: 30th September 2006

Photos taken on the Nokia camera phone, including pictures of our pet rabbits, birds, fish and cats, as well as a variety of pictures of sunsets and clouds. Also some pictures from the Eagles vs St. Kilda Australian Rules football match.
Photos from Nokia Camera, Quarter 1, 2006
Date: 31st March 2006

The Koi turn 8 months, and some general shots of the pond and pondlife
Koi, turning 8 months old
Date: 15th November 2002

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« 1 » Mothers day lunch at PappaRich
12th May 2019

We went to PappRich for Mothers day lunch, and took these photos.
- 42 pictures -

Mothers day lunch at PappaRich  Mothers day lunch at PappaRich  Mothers day lunch at PappaRich  Mothers day lunch at PappaRich  Mothers day lunch at PappaRich  Mothers day lunch at PappaRich  
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« 2 » Geocaching
12th May 2019

We went to Neerabup national park to do some Geocaching, here are some photos.
- 27 pictures -

Geocaching  Geocaching  Geocaching  Geocaching  Geocaching  Geocaching  
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« 3 » Fremantle trip
27th April 2019

We took a trip to Fremantle, and took these photos.
- 152 pictures -

Fremantle trip  Fremantle trip  Fremantle trip  Fremantle trip  Fremantle trip  Fremantle trip  
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« 4 » Cat Cafe
22nd April 2019

We went to the Subiaco Cat Cafe and for some ice cream afterwards and took these photos
- 225 pictures -

Cat Cafe  Cat Cafe  Cat Cafe  Cat Cafe  Cat Cafe  Cat Cafe  
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« 5 » Perth trip
20th April 2019

We went to Perth and took these photos along the way ...
- 86 pictures -

Perth trip  Perth trip  Perth trip  Perth trip  Perth trip  Perth trip  
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« 6 » PappaRich
23rd March 2019

We went to Pappa Rich for some Malaysian treats.
- 17 pictures -

PappaRich  PappaRich  PappaRich  PappaRich  PappaRich  PappaRich  
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« 7 » Neil Hawkins park
23rd March 2019

Neil Hawkins park
- 24 pictures -

Neil Hawkins park  Neil Hawkins park  Neil Hawkins park  Neil Hawkins park  Neil Hawkins park  Neil Hawkins park  
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« 8 » Perth Zoo
17th March 2019

These are some photos we took at the Perth Zoo
- 156 pictures -

Perth Zoo  Perth Zoo  Perth Zoo  Perth Zoo  Perth Zoo  Perth Zoo  
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« 9 » Whiteman Park
2nd March 2019

We were at Whiteman Park and took these photos
- 90 pictures -

Whiteman Park  Whiteman Park  Whiteman Park  Whiteman Park  Whiteman Park  Whiteman Park  
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« 10 » Neil Hawkins park
24th February 2019

A trip to Neil Hawkins park.
- 28 pictures -

Neil Hawkins park  Neil Hawkins park  Neil Hawkins park  Neil Hawkins park  Neil Hawkins park  Neil Hawkins park  
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