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"We must become new people, or be satisfied the way we are--either way we risk tragedy. But by the first, we choose Life; by the second we choose Death."
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We went to AWQA to view the fishes.
A day at AQWA
Date: 08th October 2011

Perth and home occupied Javier this week
Javier Mortimer - week 95 (1 year, 43 weeks)
Date: 13th April 2016

Javier was in Malaysia to celebrate his second birthday.
Javier Mortimer - week 104 (2 years)
Date: 15th June 2016

Richard and Eunice take the rest of the Foos for a Farm Stay in Glen Forrest. Whilst only 30km out to the east of Perth, it allowed them to see some of the natural fauna and flora of Western Australia. We visited the Mundaring Weir, as well as a few histo
Farmstay in Glen Forrest
Date: 28th December 2006

Some photos of Javier in week 45, including a visit to the Whiteman classic car show, and attending one of Jais friends birthday.
Javier Mortimer - week 45
Date: 29th April 2015

Javier in week 44, as he turns 10 months old, some photos are including going to Lakeside Joondalup, going to Burns Beach and a playground in Yanchep.
Javier Mortimer - week 44 - 10 months
Date: 22nd April 2015

We celebrated Jais birthday at home
Jai's birthday at home
Date: 05th June 2018

Photos and editorial from our trip to Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and China (Beijing) where we see a variety of sights including the Twin Towers, Central Markets, Pink Mosque and Orchid Park (KL) plus the Forbidden City, Great Wall, Tianamin Square and the Mi
Trip to Malaysia and China
Date: 25th March 2005

Richard and Eunice go to the Perth Zoo for the day and take some photos of the animals in their zoo habitat.
South Perth Zoo, Western Australia
Date: 02nd July 2006

Sunset from Hillarys Harbour (timelapse)
Date: 22nd January 2004

Eunice and Richard take a trip to South Perth to have a meal, and take some photos with the city skyline in the background.
Richard Mortimer and Eunice Foo in South Perth - 2005
Date: 06th March 2005

Some photos at home, Lakeside, Kosmic, and music lessons
Javier Mortimer - week 86 (1 year, 34 weeks)
Date: 10th February 2016

We went to the Perth Zoo, and these are some of the photos.
Family day at the Zoo
Date: 11th December 2011

A birthday tea party for Ann Taylor, held at the Lily of the Valley cafe in Henley Brook. Photos of the guests, some of the flowers and creatures that adorn the area.
Ann Taylor's 60th Birthday Tea Party
Date: 04th June 2005

Javier in week 46, including a visit to the city and around the home.
Javier Mortimer - week 46
Date: 06th May 2015

Photos of Jai during his 22nd week
Jai at 22 weeks of age
Date: 06th November 2009

Some photos of Jai from during th week, including visiting Castledare, playing with Daddys guitars, visiting Perth and the local shops.
Jai at 2 years, 4 months
Date: 07th October 2011

These are more photos from Helen and Simons wedding, this series is from Allan and Annas camera.
Helen and Simon marry.
Date: 14th August 2004

Some pictures from the camera phone taken between March and June 2008.
Camera Phone Q2 2008
Date: 01st July 2008

The Koi turn 8 months, and some general shots of the pond and pondlife
Koi, turning 8 months old
Date: 15th November 2002

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