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"Finish what you begin. Public confidence in government isn't guaranteed; it has to be earned. I know of no other way to earn the trust and cooperation of the public than first, to say what you intend to do, and second, to do it."
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Some pictures of the pond, taken at night and the next day, featuring some Koi, goldfish, and the waterlily, which is getting ready to flower again.
Photos of the pond
Date: 20th February 2005

We visited the Warwick Chinese Returant and ate a banquet of Peking Duck.
Chinese New Year - Peking Duck at Warwick Chinese Returant
Date: 15th February 2005

The family have a get together in Mandurah, Western Australia.
Family get together in Mandurah, WA
Date: 30th November 2008

We went for a family outing to AQWA for the morning, and these are some of the pictures.
A visit to AQWA
Date: 15th May 2011

Richard and Jai went to the classic car show, held at Whiteman Park. These were some of the vehicles on display.
Whiteman Classic Car Show 2012
Date: 22nd April 2012

Some photos of the Orchids Eunice is growing.
Eunices Orchids
Date: 01st December 2007

We visited the Zoo in South Perth. These are some of the photos we took.
Day at the Zoo
Date: 06th June 2010

Javier - day 52
Javier Mortimer - day 52
Date: 08th August 2014

Javier - day 10
Javier Mortimer - day 10
Date: 27th June 2014

Some photos from Daves racemeet.
HO Slotcar Racing at Dave's
Date: 14th August 2010

Some photos of Jai from during the week, including playing with bubbles, a visit to the city and to the local TAFE.
Jai at 56 weeks of age (1 year 1 month)
Date: 02nd July 2010

We went for lunch at Uncle Dodo and Aunty Florences place, where Jai got to meet his Great Grand Aunty who is visiting from Indonesia.
Lunch at Uncle Dodo and Aunty Florences
Date: 27th December 2009

We go fishing on Good Friday
Good Friday Fishing
Date: 18th April 2014

A Shockwave flash (swf) animation of a series of photos I took while the sun was setting at Hillarys Harbour.
Sunset at Hillarys Harbour
Date: 25th November 2005

Photos of the Minnawarra festival, held in April 2004.
Minnawarra Festival
Date: 03rd April 2004

I swapped a keyboard for this guitar, these are some photos of the Gibson Les Paul Studio
Gibson Les Paul Studio
Date: 25th August 2014

Some photos from our niece Jaydes first birthday party.
Jayde's 1st Birthday
Date: 20th May 2007

Javier - day 46
Javier Mortimer - day 46
Date: 02nd August 2014

This synth controller was purchased back in the early 80s, when Roland were still tuning their synth controlling gear. It was purchased from a hock shop for probably too much money, and was later matched to the synth portion (the Roland GR-700, not pictu
Roland G-707 Synth Guitar Controller
Date: 06th October 2011

We went to the Perth Mint and went on the tour, along with other photos of Perth
Perth Mint visit
Date: 11th July 2019

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