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"The human condition is such that pain and effort are not just symptoms which can be removed without changing life itself; they are rather the modes in which life itself, together with the necessity to which it is bound, makes itself felt. For mortals, the 'easy life of the gods' would be a lifeless life."
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These are a snapshot of Terragen renders I did in 2005, featuring a few sunsets and other landscape from this great terrain generation program. Its free - have a play around with it.
Terragen Renders
Date: 05th January 2006

The September round of HO Slot car racing was held at Karls - for the winners and grinners, see the forums.
September HO Slotcar racing
Date: 20th September 2008

Family photos from 1986. Not sure who took all of these, but they were probably me.
Mortimer Family Photos 1986
Date: December 1986

We were invited to Avas 6th birthday party, and these are some of the pictures from there
Ava's 6th birthday party
Date: 26th July 2014

Friends come out to dinner at a Thai resturant, and then we go on to have a jam at home.
Richard Mortimer's Birthday dinner and Jam
Date: 24th October 2003

We went to Hillarys Marina for breakfast, and enjoyed the sights there.
Hillarys Marina
Date: 08th November 2009

More pictures of my lovebirds.
African Lovebird photos - Agapornis Rosecolis
Date: 06th June 2004

We spent the day at the Perth Royal Show, and took some pictures along the way. Jai played with the animals, and Richard had his tarot read, as well as purchasing show bags, and wandering around to see the exhibits.
2010 Perth Royal Agricultural Show
Date: 02nd October 2010

Some photos of Jai from during the week, including playing at some parks, the markets, a trip to Perth and to the hospital.
Jai at 2 years, 23 weeks
Date: 11th November 2011

A small informal ceremony was held in the back of Kevins parents place for Kevin and Melanie (Lani) Riddell to renew their vows on their first anniversary. Their first wedding was held in the Phillipines, so this was a ceremony yo include family and frie
Kevin and Melanie Riddell renewal of vows
Date: 02nd June 2007

Some photos of Jai from the week.
Jai at 2 years, 13 weeks
Date: 02nd September 2011

The September meeting for the Perth HO Slot car group was held at Geoffs place. Results and discussions will be posted in the forums.
HO Slotcar Racing
Date: 01st September 2007

Photos of Jai from during the week, including going to Rhys birthday, Neil Hawkins Park, playing with friends and visiting Joondalup Lakeside
Jai at 2 years, 6 weeks
Date: 15th July 2011

We took a trip to the Perth Zoo, and these are some of the pictures we took.
Perth Zoo
Date: 12th December 2010

Some photos of our pets, and Mums dog that we were looking after for a while.
Pictures of our Pets
Date: 05th December 2004

A jam at Dans place.
Jam at Dan's Place
Date: 20th May 2004

Richard and Jai got to Go Bananas for a day of fun
Go Bananas
Date: 04th May 2013

This pair of ducks, who possibly live in the nearby lake, visit us occasionally for a free feed of bread. On this particular day, Eunice grabbed the camera and took these photos of them.
Neighborhood Ducks
Date: 05th November 2006

Some photos of the baby bunny we rescued after a neighbors cat ate the rest of the litter. Weve called him Chow Chow, and he now thinks he rules the house.
Chow Chow, the Bunny
Date: 22nd January 2009

Some photos of Jai as he turns 7 months old, including going to Dim Sum lunch in Northbridge with Ming, and visiting his Daddy at work.
Jai at 31 weeks of age
Date: 08th January 2010

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