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"The Internet is simply a means of communication. Efforts to stop information by enjoining it are doomed to failure in a free society."
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Some photos of Jai from during the week, including going to Drovers, playing with friends, guests visiting, and watching the Lion Dance for Chinese New Year.
Jai at 88 weeks of age (1 year 36 weeks)
Date: 11th February 2011

Javier - day 60
Javier Mortimer - day 60
Date: 15th August 2014

Erin Elizabeth preview pics
Erin Elizabeth preview pics
Date: 07th July 2014

The Perth Zoo, the Train Museum, Fremantle and home were all in Javiers busy week during the school holidays.
Javier Mortimer - week 107 (2 years 3 weeks)
Date: 06th July 2016

More pics of my Maton guitar.
Maton Acoustic Guitar
Date: 06th June 2004

Photos of the Minnawarra festival, held in April 2004.
Minnawarra Festival
Date: 03rd April 2004

Leah bought herself a Mitsubishi Mirage, here are some photos of it.
Leah's new car
Date: 09th December 2003

Javier - day 67
Javier Mortimer - day 67
Date: 22nd August 2014

Some friends pop over and we have a BBQ
BBQ at Richards Place
Date: 08th February 2002

Craig and Natalie have a BBQ at their new home. These are some photos from the event.
Natalie and Craig Williams housewarming BBQ
Date: 25th April 2009

We went to the Model Railway Exhibition in Claremont, and these are some of the photos we took.
35th Model Railway Exhibition
Date: 06th June 2011

Javier Mortimer - day 101
Javier Mortimer - day 101
Date: 25th September 2014

We met up with the Knights at the Perth Zoo and looked at the animals there
Perth Zoo
Date: 27th September 2015

These are more photos from Helen and Simons wedding, this series is from Allan and Annas camera.
Helen and Simon marry.
Date: 14th August 2004

Jai went for the kids activities in the morning, and a quick dip in the pool prior to temperatures soaring to be the hottest day of our stay. We stayed indoors for the majority of the day, venturing out again for a dip in the pool and to watch the outdoor
Kalbarri - Day 4
Date: 20th January 2015

Family photos from 1975. Not sure who took all of these, but they were probably Dad.
Mortimer Family Photos 1975
Date: December 1975

Javier - day 73
Javier Mortimer - day 73
Date: 28th August 2014

Some photos of Jai from during the week, including a visit to the local Library, shopping centre, the Zoo and Yanchep National Park.
Jai at 61 weeks of age (1 year 9 weeks)
Date: 06th August 2010

Jai and Javiers birthday at the Train Museum
Jai and Javiers birthday at the Train Museum
Date: 17th June 2018

A friend, Michelle, had her 35th birthday, as her husband was working up north, we threw a surprise party for her.
Michelle's 35th surprise party
Date: 16th January 2004

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