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"It would not be long ere the whole surface of this country would be channelled for those nerves which are to diffuse, with the speed of thought, a knowledge of all that is occurring throughout the land, making, in fact, one neighborhood of the whole country."
« Samuel F.B. Morse, telecommunications pioneer »

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Some photos of Javier from during the week, including a visit to Perth Zoo, Ikea and the local McDonalds.
Javier Mortimer - week 66 (1 year, 14 weeks)
Date: 23rd September 2015

Neon Blonde play at the Stamford hotel.
Neon Blonde at The Stamford Arms, Scarborough, Western Australia
Date: 13th June 2004

Staff function for Memo.
Memo Staff Function
Date: 02nd July 2004

Javier, Jai and Richard go to Kings Park.
Kings Park
Date: 15th January 2017

We went with some friends to the Joondalup Festival
Joondalup Festival 2017
Date: 31st March 2017

Richard, Jai and Javier went to the Aviation museum in Bullcreek to view the planes and displays there.
Aviation Museum
Date: 02nd October 2016

Richard and his son, Jai. Photographed by Eunice.
Father and Son - Richard and Jai Mortimer
Date: 02nd July 2009

Photos from my Uncles camera, more shots of Porle and Narelle getting married.
Porle Mortimer and Narelle Holdsworth get married
Date: 16th March 2002

Javier and Richard stumbled onto the Wanneroo Car Show at Rotary park, and took these photos.
Wanneroo Car Show
Date: 25th September 2016

Jai and Richard went to the Super Model Car Sunday at the West Coast Street Rod club rooms in Malaga, Western Australia. These were a few of the entries on display.
Super Model Car Sunday 2010
Date: 11th July 2010

Whilst in Malaysia we went to a traditional Kopi Tiam with Paw Paw and had lunch there.
Malaysian Kopi Tiam
Date: 28th March 2016

We took a trip to the Perth Zoo, and these are some of the pictures we took.
Perth Zoo
Date: 12th December 2010

Photos of Jai from during the week - hes turned 21 months, and has enjoyed a trip to the beach, playing with friends, and Gymbaroo.
Jai at 92 weeks of age (1 year 40 weeks - 21 months)
Date: 11th March 2011

After a problem with sewerage flowing into the pond, it was rebuilt. Read the full story on this page.
Pond rebuild
Date: 01st November 2004

My sister, Natalie, graduates.
Natalie Graduates
Date: 14th February 2002

Javier - day 74
Javier Mortimer - day 74
Date: 29th August 2014

I took a walk around the developing suburbs of East Perth and took these photos.
East Perth living, WA in 2003
Date: 19th September 2003

Javier Mortimer - day 106
Javier Mortimer - day 106
Date: 30th September 2014

School, home, Kids Wonderland, Chipmunks  and the local shops were all in Javiers week
Javier Mortimer - week 106 (2 years 2 weeks)
Date: 29th June 2016

I purchased this Sitar from a music shop in Sydney, NSW, as they are hard to come by in Perth. This is an 18 string double gourd model, with 7 playable strings, and 11 sympathetic strings, making it a Kharaj-pancham sitar. The two bridges are made of deer
Kharaj-pancham Sitar
Date: 06th October 2011

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