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« 1 » Air Hockey
5th October 2014

Richard and Jai build an Air Hockey project.
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Air Hockey  Air Hockey  Air Hockey  Air Hockey  Air Hockey  Air Hockey  
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« 2 » Eulogy for Cream, the Dwarf Lop Rabbit
18th July 2006

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This weekend, our oldest rabbit, Cream, passed from this place. He was such a placid, gentle creature with a heart of gold.

When we first purchased him, along with Cookies, he was a tiny frail little bundle of fur. We thought Cookies (who was the stronger of the two) would far outlast him. Yet Cookies passed only a couple of weeks after he came to us, and Cream grew into part of our family.He loved being held like a baby and letting us rub his tummy for him, and his front legs would twitch as we groomed his face, rubbing his whiskers down and giving him the love he revered in. In the early days, when we were at Padbury, he'd follow us around and run rings around us - wherever we were he'd run and play, exploring the world and enjoying his life. Being a happy bunny.

When Eunice was laying in the lounge, working on her laptop, he'd jump up on her and fall asleep on her back.

He lavished in the food we fed him; when he was our only rabbit he'd often get to stay in his cage indoors. The cage was open, but he'd return there to sleep and when we weren't around. He was a good rabbit, apart from the often gnawing of the carpet, clothes, and anything else that looked slightly edible (including hair!!). His sparkly eyes and soppy looks always got him out of trouble.

Having two "photo crazy" "parents" taught him from an early age how to pose for the camera and we got many shots of him being himself, doing "binky's" (a term Eunice coined that we use for our rabbits when they jump in the air and spin around) some of them are available elsewhere on the site, but I've archived some of them here for posterity.

Our other pets accepted him as part of the family, there was no hostile activities towards him. The cats sniffed him and kept a distance, although he loved to chase them around and run around them. The faster the cats ran, the more he enjoyed the chase. He dug holes, as rabbits do, and played and frolicked in the backyard; I remember the time he ran away, managing to find a hole in the fence where it was not quite "bunny proof". We posted pictures up on the street corners, at the local shops, at the pet shops, and the next day a kind lady in the next street returned him. He'd been gone for 36 hours, and when we were re-united, I'm not sure who was happier. He never ran away again.

But sorrow and joy are all part of having a pet, and around Christmas Cream sired the first of his offspring with Princess, a female we bought (along with Prince) in October. There were another 3 sets of kittens after this that Cream fathered, some of whom we have kept, others were sold or given to friends.

Sleep well, Cream. We'll miss you.
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Eulogy for Cream, the Dwarf Lop Rabbit  Eulogy for Cream, the Dwarf Lop Rabbit  Eulogy for Cream, the Dwarf Lop Rabbit  Eulogy for Cream, the Dwarf Lop Rabbit  Eulogy for Cream, the Dwarf Lop Rabbit  Eulogy for Cream, the Dwarf Lop Rabbit  
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