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"The person and society are yoked, like mind and body. Arguing which is more important is like debating whether oxygen or hydrogen is the more essential property of water."
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After the Civil Ceremony and Farm Stay, Leonard Foo heads back to Singapore to continue work in the PolyU; these are some pictures from the departure.
Leonard Leaves
Date: 29th December 2006

We went to the Chinese New Year celebrations in Northbridge, these are some of the photos we took.
Chinese New Year in Northbridge
Date: 22nd February 2015

Some photos of Javier during the week. Home, parks, and playing at Go Bananas
Javier Mortimer - week 114 (2 years 10 week)
Date: 24th August 2016

Richard and Eunice build a Rabbit Run down the side of the house.
Rabbit Run
Date: 29th April 2006

The water lily blooms, and a I took a few photos of the event
Water Lily blooms
Date: 11th November 2003

Some more pictures of the wedding of Natalie Plumbley to Craig Williams, this series was taken by Wayne Marshall. In the historic town of York (approx 150kms ESE of Perth), Natalie and Craig celebrate their wedding day with family and friends. The ceremo
Natalie Plumbley and Craig Williams - photos from Wayne Marshall's camera
Date: 17th September 2005

Pics of Jai from during the week, including a family trip to the Zoo, eating Sushi in Perth, Slotcar racing, Lakeside Joondalup and playing at home.
Jai at 2 years, 28 weeks
Date: 16th December 2011

We went to the Whiteman Park Classic Car show and viewed the cars there, here are some of the pictures.
Whiteman Park classic car show 2015
Date: 03rd May 2015

I purchased this guitar from the Maton factory in 2004, upgraded to gold tuners and (later) titanium gold bridge pins (Jellifish Hotrods). The soundboard is built from A Grade Solid Bunya, and the back and sides from Queensland Maple, finished in the S
Maton EBG808CL Performer Acoustic Guitar
Date: 04th October 2011

Richard and Jai went for a trip to the Zoo. These were some of the pictures we took.
A day at the Zoo
Date: 17th October 2010

Some photos of Christmas day with family and friends, and the following days where the pool gets set up.
Christmas 2008
Date: 25th December 2008

Photos as I restring my Ibanez Artcore and give it an overdue cleanup
Ibanez Artcore restring
Date: 01st October 2016

Richard and Jai got to Go Bananas for a day of fun
Go Bananas
Date: 04th May 2013

Sunset at Hillarys Marina (south)
Date: 26th January 2004

Some photos of the build of this controller
Roland GK compatible MIDI guitar controller/synth
Date: 01st January 2014

I traded this bass for a 4 string Ibanez I had, and did some work on it. I believe this is the Legend 5 string, neck through, in a natural finish.
Spector Bass Guitar
Date: 14th March 2016

We go to the Perth Auto Show and view the vehicles on display there. As well as a few Porsche, Ferrari and other exotic sportscars, there were a large number of domestic cars represented.
2006 Perth Auto Show
Date: 23rd April 2006

Moving from the unit in Tuart Hill to the new house in Padbury
Moving from Tuart Hill to Padbury
Date: 24th November 2001

A birthday tea party for Ann Taylor, held at the Lily of the Valley cafe in Henley Brook. Photos of the guests, some of the flowers and creatures that adorn the area.
Ann Taylor's 60th Birthday Tea Party
Date: 04th June 2005

Some random photos from the Nokia (7650 and 3650) during the 3rd quarter of 2005. Pictures include some of our pets, plants, and a selection of sunsets and paraphernalia.
Photos from the Nokia, 3rd quarter of 2005
Date: 01st October 2005

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« 1 » Balloons in the Pine trees
5th June 2017

We went to the Pine plantation with some balloons
- 300 pictures -

Balloons in the Pine trees  Balloons in the Pine trees  Balloons in the Pine trees  Balloons in the Pine trees  Balloons in the Pine trees  Balloons in the Pine trees  
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« 2 » Sunset through the trees
13th July 2014

Sunset animation timelapse
- 492 pictures -

Sunset through the trees  Sunset through the trees  Sunset through the trees  Sunset through the trees  Sunset through the trees  Sunset through the trees  
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