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"I had an immense advantage over many others dealing with the problem inasmuch as I had no fixed ideas derived from long-established practice to control and bias my mind, and did not suffer from the general belief that whatever is, is right."
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Javier - day 76
Javier Mortimer - day 76
Date: 31st August 2014

Javier went to the Joondalup night markets, stayed at home, went swimming and the School for the art show this week.
Javier Mortimer - week 127 (2 years 23 weeks)
Date: 23rd November 2016

More photos of Jai from during the week.
Jai at 13 weeks of age
Date: 04th September 2009

Some photos of Javier from during the week, including staying around the house.
Javier Mortimer - week 64 (1 year, 12 weeks)
Date: 09th September 2015

Kalbarri - Day 7, including the coastal gorges and Natures Window.
Kalbarri - Day 7
Date: 23rd January 2015

Some photos from the Tarmac Rally start
2013 Tarmac Rally
Date: 15th August 2013

Erin Elizabeth proofs
Erin Elizabeth proofs
Date: 15th July 2014

We went to the Pine plantation with some balloons
Balloons in the Pine trees
Date: 05th June 2017

Phil buys himself a new Washburn acoustic guitar.
Phil Whilliers new acoustic guitar
Date: 08th December 2003

Some photos of the fireworks that celebrate Australia Day
Australia Day Fireworks 2003
Date: 26th January 2003

We visited the Perth Perth Train Museum in Bassendean and viewed the engines and carriages there, then went to Hillarys for a fish and chip dinner
Perth Train Museum
Date: 31st May 2015

Some photos of our Lovebirds.
African Lovebird photos - Agapornis
Date: 23rd March 2008

Some friends pop over and we have a BBQ
BBQ at Richards Place
Date: 08th February 2002

Some photos of Javier during this week, including the local shops, music school, school and home, plus some sparklers!!
Javier Mortimer - week 99 (1 year, 47 weeks)
Date: 11th May 2016

We went to the Blues at Bridgetown festival again, although this time we were not allowed to take photos of the event, so we took photos of the camp site instead.
Camping at Bridgetown for the Blues Festival
Date: 14th November 2004

Some photos I took of a slice of lemon.
A Slice of Lemon
Date: 29th June 2004

Visitng Malaysia was the majority of Javiers week.
Javier Mortimer - week 103 (1 year, 51 weeks)
Date: 08th June 2016

I modified my PRS SE Torero to include a Roland internal GK-KIT-GT3, which has a 13 pin output to drive a guitar synth. The install took over a month of work, and the stages taken have been documented on each of the photos.
PRS Torero install internal Roland GK-Kit-GT3
Date: 28th September 2011

Junes HO Slot car race was held at Geoffs place - for the winners and grinners, please visit the forums.
June HO Slotcar racing
Date: 07th June 2008

Some photos of the build of this controller
Roland GK compatible MIDI guitar controller/synth
Date: 01st January 2014

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12th May 2019

We went to Neerabup national park to do some Geocaching, here are some photos.
- 27 pictures -

Geocaching  Geocaching  Geocaching  Geocaching  Geocaching  Geocaching  
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