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"No plan can prevent a stupid person from doing the wrong thing in the wrong place at the wrong time--but a good plan should keep a concentration from forming."
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Photos from my Uncles camera, more shots of Porle and Narelle getting married.
Porle Mortimer and Narelle Holdsworth get married
Date: 16th March 2002

We went to see some Indian performers play their unique music at Kulcha, in Fremantle, Western Australia.
Indian Music at Kulcha, Fremantle, Western Australia
Date: 22nd October 2004

Shawn hosted this months HO slot car racing on his Maxx Track, these are a few photos from the event.
HO Slotcar Racing
Date: 10th July 2010

Some photos of Jai during week 37.
Jai at 37 weeks of age
Date: 19th February 2010

I swapped a keyboard for this guitar, these are some photos of the Gibson Les Paul Studio
Gibson Les Paul Studio
Date: 25th August 2014

Some photos of Jai from during the week, including visiting the local lake, playing with friends, eating ice cream and visiting Ikea.
Jai at 2 years, 5 weeks
Date: 08th July 2011

My friends and I celebrate the warming of my house
Housewarming Party
Date: 26th October 2002

We went to Araluen Botanical park and took some photos of the flowers and general scenery
Araluen Botanical park in Roleystone
Date: 26th September 2016

We got two new additions to the family, Cookies and Cream. Cream is the smaller of the two, and is a Dwarf Lop cross Dwarf Rabbit, and Cookies is a Dwarf Lop rabbit.
Two new additions to the family.
Date: 08th May 2005

Some photos from Javiers week, including home, School, the local Pet Shop, Bunnings and a haircut.
Javier Mortimer - week 108 (2 years 1 month)
Date: 13th July 2016

Family photos from 1993. Not sure who took all of these, but they were probably me.
Mortimer Family Photos 1993
Date: December 1993

Some more photos of our rabbits, some before Cookies passed away, and some more recent ones with just Cream.
Photos of the rabbits
Date: 02nd June 2005

Some pics of a Rose that grew in the garden.
Photos of a Rose
Date: 21st August 2005

Some more various photos of Cream, the dwarf lop rabbit, including some pics of him running around the backyard. He ran away for 24 hours before some kind lady in the next street returned him, proving there are still some good people in the world.
More pictures of Cream, the Dwarf Lop Rabbit
Date: 03rd August 2005

Valentines day
Valentines day
Date: 14th February 2017

Some photos of Javier at week 70
Javier Mortimer - week 70 (1 year, 18 weeks)
Date: 21st October 2015

In my backyard I have a large gum tree and this kookaburra decided to visit.
Date: 15th January 2004

Richard and Jai go to the train museum in Bayswater and look at some of the historic trains.
Train Museum, Perth
Date: 20th January 2013

Javier - day 44
Javier Mortimer - day 44
Date: 31st July 2014

Richard turns 50, and a breakfast was had to celebrate it.
Richard's 50th
Date: 01st November 2015

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26th December 2017

We took a trip to the Pinnacles, about 250km north of us, and took these photos on the day
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Pinniacles  Pinniacles  Pinniacles  Pinniacles  Pinniacles  Pinniacles  
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