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"When you are confronted by any complex social system, such as an urban center or a hamster, with things about it that you're dissatisfied with and anxious to fix, you cannot just step in and set about fixing with much hope of helping...Jay Forrester has demonstrated it mathematically, with his computer models of cities in which he makes clear that whatever you propose to do, based on common sense, will almost inevitably make matters worse rather than better. You cannot meddle with one part of a complex system from the outside without the almost certain risk of setting off disastrous events that you hadn't counted on in other, remote parts. If you want to fix something you are first obliged to understand, in detail, the whole system, and for very large systems you can't do this without a very large computer. Even then, the safest course seems to be to stand by and wring hands, but not to touch...Intervening is a way of causing trouble."
« Lewis Thomas, from the essay "On Meddling", _The_Medusa_and_the_Snail_, Viking Pr., New York, 1979 »

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We took a family trip to the museum in Perth, and ate lunch in Northbridge.
Date: 01st December 2013

Jai and Cain play with Rockets
Jai and Cain play with Rockets
Date: 24th August 2013

Terragen AVI
Date: 27th December 2005

The family went to Castledare Miniture Railway to enjoy the scenery and ride on the trains.
Castledare Miniture Railway
Date: 07th November 2004

Some photos of the yellow Harvest Moon, as taken from Joondalup over Butler, Western Australia.
Harvest Moon
Date: 02nd January 2010

Javier Mortimer - day 97
Javier Mortimer - day 97
Date: 21st September 2014

Some photos from Jaydes 4th birthday party.
Jayde's 4th Birthday party
Date: 16th May 2010

Some photos of Jai on his 15th day in the world.
Jai Theodore Mortimer at 15 days
Date: 20th June 2009

Some photos of Jai from during the week, including a trip to the Zoo and his first haircut.
Jai at 85 weeks of age (1 year 33 weeks)
Date: 21st January 2011

Some photos of Jai during week 28 of his life.
Jai at 28 weeks of age
Date: 18th December 2009

Eunice turns 30 and celebrates with a Hello Kitty party, where everyone wore pink.
Eunices' 30th Hello Kitty Party
Date: 03rd June 2006

Javier Mortimer - day 113
Javier Mortimer - day 113
Date: 07th October 2014

Javier - day 6
Javier Mortimer - day 6
Date: 23rd June 2014

Dave from Way Out West Raceway hosted the first meet of the year, with scale racing in T-Jet 500, Tomy Turbo and Turbo Super G+. Results of the race can be found in the forum.
HO Slotcar Racing
Date: 11th February 2006

Get together at Hillarys
Date: 22nd December 2013

As Javier turns 100 weeks old, he has an exciting time around home, the local school, the music school and at the beach.
Javier Mortimer - week 100 (1 year, 12 months)
Date: 18th May 2016

We went back to Kulcha to enjoy some belly dancing exhibitions.
Bellydance at Kulcha, Fremantle, Western Australia
Date: 06th November 2004

The birth of our second son
Introducing Javier Mortimer
Date: 18th June 2014

Some friends pop over and we have a BBQ
BBQ at Richards Place
Date: 08th February 2002

The Mortimers visit Perth Zoo to celebrate Richards birthday and view the animals.
Date: 24th October 2009

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10th August 2019

We went to San Churro's for a snack
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