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"Total freedom is never what one imagines and, in fact, hardly exists. It comes as a shock in life to learn that we usually only exchange one set of restrictions for another. The second set, however, is self-chosen, and therefore easier to accept."
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We went to Castledare Miniature Railways for Fathers Day and spend the better part of the day there, riding on the small trains around the track. This was Javiers first time here, and he was fascinated with the trains.
Castledare Miniature Railways
Date: 06th September 2015

Javier during week 26, including getting ready for Christmas
Javier Mortimer - week 26
Date: 17th December 2014

Marcus and Rochelle wed in the Uniting Church at Glen Forrest, and later have their reception at Cordelia Gardens in Mundaring.
Marcus Werrett and Rochelle Skeers Wedding
Date: 15th October 2006

Some photos of our pets, and Mums dog that we were looking after for a while.
Pictures of our Pets
Date: 05th December 2004

We go fishing on Good Friday
Good Friday Fishing
Date: 18th April 2014

We spent Christmas Day at my Dads, some went for a dip in the pool after lunch.
Christmas Day 2007
Date: 25th December 2007

After a problem with sewerage flowing into the pond, it was rebuilt. Read the full story on this page.
Pond rebuild
Date: 01st November 2004

We met up with some friends whom we havent seen for a while, and visited Yanchep beach with them for swimming and exploring.
Yanchep beach
Date: 04th January 2015

The Koi turn one month old
Koi at 1 month
Date: 10th March 2002

Tanya turns 35, so the crew went down to Joes Fish Shack in Fremantle to celebrate the occasion.
Tanya Gaugin's 35th Birthday
Date: 27th September 2002

Some photos of Jai from during the week. Eunice took him to the clinic and he weighs 10kg and is 75cm in height.
Jai at 38 weeks of age
Date: 26th February 2010

Richard and Jai went with Leonard into KLCC, the Kuala Lumpur City Center and explored around, afterwards going to Pasar Seni (Central Markets) to stop for some food and to explore the new 3D art gallery. These are some of the photos from the day.
KLCC and Pasar Seni, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Date: 20th July 2015

Javier Mortimer - day 90
Javier Mortimer - day 90
Date: 14th September 2014

We spent 3 days down at Margaret River. These are some photos from the second day, where we visited Mammoth Cave, had lunch in the town centre and went to the Margaret River Rotary Park, before settling in for the night.
Margaret River Holiday - Day 2
Date: 04th August 2012

Water Lily blooms
Date: 22nd October 2003

Some photos of Jai from during the week.
Jai at 14 weeks of age
Date: 11th September 2009

Some pics of Richard and Eunice around the house.
Richard Mortimer and Eunice Foo - 2005
Date: 29th June 2005

Family photos from 1993. Not sure who took all of these, but they were probably me.
Mortimer Family Photos 1993
Date: December 1993

Some photos of Jai from during the week, including a visit to the Dentist and Jaydes 4th birthday celebrations.
Jai at 50 weeks of age
Date: 21st May 2010

We went to the show to see the animals, and enjoy the rides and fireworks
2013 Perth Royal Show
Date: 03rd October 2013

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« 11 » Farmstay in Glen Forrest
28th December 2006

Rating: 9.7/10 (3 votes cast)

Richard and Eunice take the rest of the Foos for a Farm Stay in Glen Forrest. Whilst only 30km out to the east of Perth, it allowed them to see some of the natural fauna and flora of Western Australia. We visited the Mundaring Weir, as well as a few historic places along the way.
- 252 pictures -

Farmstay in Glen Forrest  Farmstay in Glen Forrest  Farmstay in Glen Forrest  Farmstay in Glen Forrest  Farmstay in Glen Forrest  Farmstay in Glen Forrest  
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« 12 » Marcus' Bucks Day
1st October 2006

Rating: 9.3/10 (3 votes cast)

Marcus celebrated his bucks day with some friends by lunching at Chapel Farm, before going to Feral brewery to sink a few ales, then continuing to the Iron Bark Brewery to continue celebrating.
- 95 pictures -

Marcus' Bucks Day  Marcus' Bucks Day  Marcus' Bucks Day  Marcus' Bucks Day  Marcus' Bucks Day  Marcus' Bucks Day  
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« 13 » Mushroom Farm
15th July 2006

Rating: 8.0/10 (7 votes cast)

These are some pics I took of the Mushroom Farm, bought from Bunnings for $10, the first crop are ready to put on the table. This is my sort of gardening, no watering, just put them in cow poo and let them grow.
- 8 pictures -

Mushroom Farm  Mushroom Farm  Mushroom Farm  Mushroom Farm  Mushroom Farm  Mushroom Farm  
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