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"The chance of success of any attempt to change the topic or direction of a thread of discussion in a networked forum is directly proportional to the quality of the current content."
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Javier - day 58
Javier Mortimer - day 58 (8 weeks / 2months)
Date: 13th August 2014

Javier - day 11
Javier Mortimer - day 11
Date: 28th June 2014

Richard turns 40, and went to dinner at the Koh-I-Noor Indian resturant with family and friends. Later we went back home for the  traditional cake and candles before singing the night away with some karaoke.
Richard Mortimers 40th birthday dinner and karaoke
Date: 22nd October 2005

Water Lily blooms
Date: 22nd October 2003

We went for a tram ride at Whiteman Park
Tram ride at Whiteman Park
Date: 05th August 2017

We went to the Kaleidoscope show, put on by the City of Joondalup, and these are some of the photos we took.
Kaleidoscope, Joondalup, 2017
Date: 11th November 2017

We took a bike ride around Lake Joondalup, and these are some of the pictures
Bike ride around Lake Joondalup
Date: 21st September 2013

The Koi turn 8 months, and some general shots of the pond and pondlife
Koi, turning 8 months old
Date: 15th November 2002

We have a dinner, and I took these photos of the family.
Family Dinner
Date: 20th July 2003

Mays HO slotcar racing was held at XLR8 in Bibra Lakes, for the winners and grinners, please see the forums.
May HO Slotcar racing
Date: 10th May 2008

A collection of photos I took with my mobile phone, at various times of the year. Mostly sunsets, but with a rainbow thrown in for good measure.
Photos of Sunsets
Date: 10th June 2005

We went to the Perth SciTech, and these are some of the pictures we took.
Date: 05th November 2017

Javier - day 7
Javier Mortimer - day 7
Date: 24th June 2014

My friend Paul and I play with some sparklers, and have fun photographing the joy!!
Playing with Sparklers
Date: 14th May 2002

The first meet of the year was held at Bills, where we raced a lot of 1/32nd cars on his routed track. The HO cars got a small look in after lunch, with no real racing, but more of a social gathering.
January HO and 1/32nd Slotcar Racing
Date: 18th January 2009

Family photos from 1986. Not sure who took all of these, but they were probably me.
Mortimer Family Photos 1986
Date: December 1986

Javier in week 49, including some photos at home, at the train museum and Hillarys boat harbour.
Javier Mortimer - week 49
Date: 27th May 2015

We went to Adventure World, and these are some of the pics
Adventure World
Date: 14th December 2013

We spent the day in Perth to celebrate WA Day 2018.
WA Day in Perth
Date: 03rd June 2018

Fender Squire Hello Kitty guitar
Fender Squire 'Hello Kitty' guitar
Date: 25th August 2014

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« 11 » Moving from Padbury to Joondalup
10th March 2006

Rating: 6.3/10 (6 votes cast)

Richard and Eunice purchase a property in Joondalup, and proceed to move their belongings, pets and personal items to the new place (with the help of some family members and removalists). They then build mountains of IKEA furniture, as well as a few CD cabinets, chairs, and a birdcage to top things off.
- 83 pictures -

Moving from Padbury to Joondalup  Moving from Padbury to Joondalup  Moving from Padbury to Joondalup  Moving from Padbury to Joondalup  Moving from Padbury to Joondalup  Moving from Padbury to Joondalup  
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