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"Europe is opposed to the Clipper chip because it fears that the FBI or CIA could target European businesses...The global censorship plan has run up against opposition from European and American businesses that use encryption to send sensitive information. In a position paper to a consulate of European Union intelligence experts...the European organisation representing users of computer security has rejected the Clinton initiative as 'totally unacceptable'...the Information Security Business Advisory Group (Ibag), warns European governments to ignore overtures from the US government aimed at restricting access to the information superhighway to users who use encryption that the government agencies can decode."
« UK _Independent_ article, "Spooks all set to hack it on the superhighway", Mar. 5 1994 »

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Some photos of Jai from during the week, including visiting Whitfords Shopping Centre, and the Zoo.
Jai at 2 years, 8 weeks
Date: 29th July 2011

Jai tests a few bikes at the shops, then we buy him his first bike
Jai's bike
Date: 06th July 2013

The band Summersalt play at the Minnawarra festival.
Summersalt play at the Minnawarra festival
Date: 03rd April 2004

Some photos of Jai during his 18th week, including a visit to Castledare miniature railways, meeting the newest rabbit Chow Ching (AKA Caching)and some studio type shots that Eunice set up.
Jai at 18 weeks of age
Date: 09th October 2009

Eunice, Jai and Richard take a day trip into Perth to visit the Art Gallery and Museum.
A day trip to the Art Gallery and Museum in Perth
Date: 26th September 2009

We went to Bunnings to pick up some paint
Date: 02nd April 2017

We went to the local beach, and these are some of the photos from the day.
Family day at the Beach
Date: 24th December 2011

Some pics of Jai during his 25th week, now weighing 8.4kg, and enjoying Northbridge and home.
Jai at 25 weeks of age
Date: 27th November 2009

Some photos of clouds; who says Im a dreamer???
Date: 28th September 2003

Phil buys himself a new Washburn acoustic guitar.
Phil Whilliers new acoustic guitar
Date: 08th December 2003

Some more photos of Jai, as he grows to 8 weeks of age. He has increased in weight to 6.6kg.
Jai Theodore at 8 weeks
Date: 31st July 2009

Some photos of Jai on his 15th day in the world.
Jai Theodore Mortimer at 15 days
Date: 20th June 2009

Jai leaves the hospital and comes home.
Jai Theodore Mortimer
Date: 10th June 2009

We took some time to go to Neil Hawkins park in Joondalup
Neil Hawkins park
Date: 13th May 2017

Jai had a busy week, including a trip to Araluen, Hillarys beach, and Neil Hawkins park. He also played with water, our cats and the neighborhood kid.
Jai at 69 weeks of age (1 year 17 weeks)
Date: 01st October 2010

In the historic town of York (approx 150kms ESE of Perth), Natalie and Craig celebrate their wedding day with family and friends. The ceremony took place at Faversham house, one of Australias oldest privately owned grand colonial mansions, surrounded by
Natalie Fleur Plumbley and Craig Leon Williams wedding
Date: 17th September 2005

Javier - day 54
Javier Mortimer - day 54
Date: 09th August 2014

Javier Mortimer - day 81
Javier Mortimer - day 81
Date: 05th September 2014

Jai and I played with Play Doh, some pis of it transitioning.
Play Doh
Date: 10th June 2012

We took a morning trip to Burns Beach
Family trip to Burns Beach
Date: 07th March 2011

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« 11 » Fremantle
18th July 2019

Photos when we took a trip to Fremantle
- 93 pictures -

Fremantle  Fremantle  Fremantle  Fremantle  Fremantle  Fremantle  
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« 12 » Fremantle trip
27th April 2019

We took a trip to Fremantle, and took these photos.
- 152 pictures -

Fremantle trip  Fremantle trip  Fremantle trip  Fremantle trip  Fremantle trip  Fremantle trip  
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« 13 » Perth trip
20th April 2019

We went to Perth and took these photos along the way ...
- 86 pictures -

Perth trip  Perth trip  Perth trip  Perth trip  Perth trip  Perth trip  
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« 14 » Perth Zoo
17th March 2019

These are some photos we took at the Perth Zoo
- 156 pictures -

Perth Zoo  Perth Zoo  Perth Zoo  Perth Zoo  Perth Zoo  Perth Zoo  
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« 15 » Neil Hawkins park
24th February 2019

A trip to Neil Hawkins park.
- 28 pictures -

Neil Hawkins park  Neil Hawkins park  Neil Hawkins park  Neil Hawkins park  Neil Hawkins park  Neil Hawkins park  
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« 16 » Hillarys
17th February 2019

We had a quick trip to Hillarys, and these are some of the photos
- 20 pictures -

Hillarys  Hillarys  Hillarys  Hillarys  Hillarys  Hillarys  
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« 17 » Zoo
27th October 2018

Javier and Richard went to the Zoo.
- 45 pictures -

Zoo  Zoo  Zoo  Zoo  Zoo  Zoo  
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« 18 » Trip to Fremantle
6th January 2018

We went for a trip down to Fremantle, and these are some of the photos we took.
- 196 pictures -

Trip to Fremantle  Trip to Fremantle  Trip to Fremantle  Trip to Fremantle  Trip to Fremantle  Trip to Fremantle  
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« 19 » Pinniacles
26th December 2017

We took a trip to the Pinnacles, about 250km north of us, and took these photos on the day
- 181 pictures -

Pinniacles  Pinniacles  Pinniacles  Pinniacles  Pinniacles  Pinniacles  
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« 20 » Trip to the Perth Zoo
7th October 2017

We took a trip to the Perth Zoo, and these are some of the photos we took.
- 154 pictures -

Trip to the Perth Zoo  Trip to the Perth Zoo  Trip to the Perth Zoo  Trip to the Perth Zoo  Trip to the Perth Zoo  Trip to the Perth Zoo  
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