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"The ingrained idea that, because there is no king and they despise titles, the Americans are a free people is pathetically untrue...There is a perpetual interference with personal liberty over there that would not be tolerated in England for a week."
« Margot Asquith, _My_Impressions_of_America_, ch. 17 (1922) »

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Jai took part in the pre-primary Pirate Assembly, these are some of the photos from the day.
Pirate Assembly
Date: 05th September 2014

After a problem with sewerage flowing into the pond, it was rebuilt. Read the full story on this page.
Pond rebuild
Date: 01st November 2004

Some photos from Christmas day, being Jais first Christmas he was quite confused and excited with his presents.
Christmas at home
Date: 25th December 2009

After staying for Mums wedding, Uncle David went back to the UK to live the life he has known.
Uncle David Callaghan leaves for the UK
Date: 16th November 2002

I purchased this guitar from the Maton factory in 2004, upgraded to gold tuners and (later) titanium gold bridge pins (Jellifish Hotrods). The soundboard is built from A Grade Solid Bunya, and the back and sides from Queensland Maple, finished in the S
Maton EBG808CL Performer Acoustic Guitar
Date: 04th October 2011

Some shots from New Norcia, Western Australia, which is about 150kms NE of Perth. I went there with my family for a picnic.
New Norcia, Western Australia
Date: 18th August 2002

Eunice and Jai went to the park, and took some photos of ducks.
Date: 13th July 2011

We went to the Perth SciTech, and these are some of the pictures we took.
Date: 05th November 2017

Photos of Jai from during the week, including attending a recording session, visiting the city and playing at Gymbaroo.
Jai at 68 weeks of age (1 year 16 weeks)
Date: 24th September 2010

Javier - day 46
Javier Mortimer - day 46
Date: 02nd August 2014

Waterlily (timelapse)
Date: 10th January 2004

In the historic town of York (approx 150kms ESE of Perth), Natalie and Craig celebrate their wedding day with family and friends. The ceremony took place at Faversham house, one of Australias oldest privately owned grand colonial mansions, surrounded by
Natalie Fleur Plumbley and Craig Leon Williams wedding
Date: 17th September 2005

Photos of Jai from during the week - hes turned 21 months, and has enjoyed a trip to the beach, playing with friends, and Gymbaroo.
Jai at 92 weeks of age (1 year 40 weeks - 21 months)
Date: 11th March 2011

A collection of photos I took with my mobile phone, at various times of the year. Mostly sunsets, but with a rainbow thrown in for good measure.
Photos of Sunsets
Date: 10th June 2005

Javier in week 46, including a visit to the city and around the home.
Javier Mortimer - week 46
Date: 06th May 2015

We had some family photos taken at the markets in Malaga by a company called Make Believe, these are some of the photos we received.
Family photos from Make Believe
Date: 14th March 2010

Javier - day 4
Javier Mortimer - day 4
Date: 21st June 2014

Family photos from 1994. Not sure who took all of these, but they were probably me.
Mortimer Family Photos 1994
Date: December 1994

Jai and Javier celebrated their birthday at Landsdale animal farm with their friends.
Jai's 8th birthday and Javiers 3rd birthday party
Date: 08th July 2017

As the Koi celebrate their 2nd month in my pond, I add a few more young fry into the same place, to liven things up.
Koi at 2 months with some new fry
Date: 10th April 2002

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« 31 » Optus Sports Day
10th October 2004

Rating: 7.0/10 (4 votes cast)

Photos from the Optus Sports Day.
- 81 pictures -

Optus Sports Day  Optus Sports Day  Optus Sports Day  Optus Sports Day  Optus Sports Day  Optus Sports Day  
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« 32 » Dan & Tanya Gaugin's party
22nd December 2003

Rating: 7.0/10 (6 votes cast)

Dan and Tanya hold a party just before christmas, and some of us jam the night away
- 21 pictures -

Dan & Tanya Gaugin's party  Dan & Tanya Gaugin's party  Dan & Tanya Gaugin's party  Dan & Tanya Gaugin's party  Dan & Tanya Gaugin's party  Dan & Tanya Gaugin's party  
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