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Somewhere between Art and Science
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Somewhere between Art and Science
CD Single

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Live Wire History:
When Poetic Justice broke up, Greg and Richard formed this new band, introducing Greg's brother Michael on drums, and Kevin (who was previously mixing for Bad News and Poetic Justice) on the bass. Later the singer Lesley joined but the band went their seperate ways soon after that, with Greg wanting to concentrate on his acting career.
Richard Mortimer & Lesley Reid History:
After meeting in the band Live Wire, Lesley and Richard formed an acoustic duo which did many live shows around the circuit. They released a compilation cassette of their favourite songs.
The Angry Red Planets History:
The Angry Red Planets were formed when guitarists Dave and Bob met and joined forces with the drummer Troy. Soon after Richard joined on bass and rehearsed in their songs. A couple of jam nights were done before the recording, and Richard left the band soon after this. Although the Angry Red Planets played a couple more gigs, they broke up sometime after that when Bob headed over to America.
Richard Mortimer History:
Solo Richard Mortimer
Sideshow History:
Sometime when the Wooden Gods were wrapping up recording, Richard joined this band, on bass again, with Phil on guitar and Craig on keyboards - a week later Rhona joined on drums, and a week after that we had our first gig. We played at several places around Perth before Rhona had to leave the band due to external commitments, which saw Allan Wilkerson join (who had worked with both Craig and Phil in seperate bands previously). Several more gigs later, Craig resigned from the band, leaving Phil and Richard to create the "Ambassadors of Pan".
Neon Ceiling History:
Richard formed his own band, after being introduced to keyboard player Alan Burke by local radio presenters; along with Michael Pereira on drums. Soon Steve joined on bass before Michael left and Ian Murphy filled in for the drumming. After the recording and a handful of gigs Ian and Steve left, Alan and Richard met up with Keith Lazaroo before the band went their seperate ways.
The Wooden Gods History:
This band was formed from the remnants of Neon Ceiling, with Richard and Alan forming a 'studio only' band. Several songs were recorded and the album 'Ganesha' was released with warm reviews from the local music pundits.
Ambassadors of Pan History:
Three Wise Monkeys History:
The Three Wise Monkeys was a pet name given to a project Kevin and Richard had going; it featured a few guest artists from bands and friends and performed one gig at "The Back Stabbers Awards", recorded to video by Greg Pereira in 1991.
Blues Shack History:
Banned! History:
This was a one-off band for the recording.
Bad News History:
Formed in 1988, and named after the movie "The Bad News Bears", the core line up consisted of the two Potts brothers, Jason and Cam on bass and drums, with Greg on guitar - Richard joined in 1989 just before Amy, shortly after Amy joined the band changed name to "Poetic Justice", playing a few gigs under this name before Amy left in 1990. The main vocals were replaced by Tracey Reid, prior to the band breaking up in late 1990.
Poetic Justice History:
Using the same core line-up as Bad News, Poetic Justice was a rename of the original band, as the 'Bad' part was thought to have negative implications - original line up included singer Amy Carney, then later Tracey Reid before the band broke up in late 1990 or 1991.

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