x 18th February 2008 - Flying back to KL

This morning we awoke early to leave Cambodia, with a wake up knock from one of the hotel staff. We were soon eating breakfast, loading our bags into the taxi, and on our way to the airport.

We arrived back in KL after a fairly short two hour trip, and the taxi driver that Lawrence had organized before we left was waiting for us at the airport. He took us back to Lawrence and Babe's place by way of an eating house that Babe wanted to go to in SS2. We invited the taxi driver in, as it was an Indian resturant and the driver was of the same persuasion, but he declined, so we ate a few dishes, coninued the journey back to Babe and Lawrence's place, before resting again.

We rested for the majority of the day, with plans to go to KL tomorrow.