x 22nd February 2008 - Flying back to Perth

Awaking early again, we had to get to the KLIA Airport for our flight back to Perth. We arrived early but the check in took a while due to a large number of flights going out this morning. When we had all our baggage checked in (only 6kg over our limit), we bid Leonard and Babe, who had drivn us to the airport, a last farewell. Getting some duty free before leaving the country, our plane was running a bit late, due to some baggage problems, and even when we had boarded we waited another half an hour before we were ready to take off. It made the flight back seem like a long one, probably accented by the bad weather and turbulance that plagued us all the way.

Arriving back in Perth was fairly routine, we declared our wooden goods we had bought in Cambodia and got through customs with the minimum of fuss. Graham and Sue were waiting for us on the outside and drove us home as we told them tales of statues and temples.