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Posted on 17/07/09 19:36:21
Dave in Perth

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NOS 128Mb SD RAM memory for old computers, $2 each :)
Went looking for a couple of computer bits today, and spyed a box of things marked $2..

It was a heap of New Old Stock 128Mb SD RAM sticks - after a brief enquiry as to what aged PC they might fit, I bought a couple home, at $2 each I didn't care if they wouldn't fit anything I had.

Both my PentII and PentIII PC's use SD RAM, the PII only had 64Mb of it haha..

Needless to say, it now has as much RAM as my "good" PentIV computer lol

Anywho, if anyone wants to upgrade an old PC, I can pick up a couple of these RAM sticks for ya...


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