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Posted on 09/09/10 21:38:28

September race meeting
Hi guys , We've just got back from N.S.W. & had 111 e-mails while we were away - on the home p.c. - despite letting as many people in my contacts list know to send any e-mails to my lap top as the home p.c ws going off line for 2 - 3 weeks but I'd guess that not many of my contacts could be bothered reading my e-mail , However I'm geared up for the Saturday the 18th of Sept & at this stage I've got the OK to have it at the Perth City Street Machine Car Club's clubrooms in Kent St Cannington but will have confirm that a.s.a.p. but if there's any problems with the 2 groups combining this event I'll have it at my place ( plan B ) , I've told them that I wanted to host a "social event" for the P.C.S.M.C. & have our group come & be a part of it ( to help out & join in ) but I've been told that they'll have to mention it at their last meeting ( Monday just gone ) & now I'm just awaiting confirmation ; Hope to let you all know a.s.a.p. ; p.s: I was great to catch up with Rod Thurgood - Top Bloke!! , Many Thanks once again for your hospitality Rod ( if you're reading this post )

Posted on 10/09/10 01:16:08
Monaro Doorslammer

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Re: September race meeting
Get back to WA pronto, the second you left the Kingswood broke...

Good idea on having the meet at a new place though.



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