Melbourne by night
20th October 2010

Starting early in the morning, we finished off the final things around the house, such as feeding pets and organizing locks on the cases, Jai was fed and we called the taxi to take us to the airport.

This is when I found out that our destination was Melbourne, on the east side of Australia.

After arriving at the airport, we had a bit of time to kill, so ate some lunch and showed Jai the planes

Our flight left at about 10.50am, on a Qantas A330-200 Airbus and Jai was quite well behaved, having a bottle during the take off sequence. One of the things that has stopped us traveling before this date was the trepidation that he would be freaked out by the plane and the noises; but he was very comfortable and Eunice quipped that it was probably similar to a noisy pram ride for him.

The flight lasted three hours, during which time Jai had a sleep, just at the right time for Eunice and I to eat the lunch we had been served,

We touched down in Melbourne at 5.10pm local time, which was the equivalent to 3.10pm WA time, picked up our bags and caught a taxi to the Medina Grand on Queens street. During the journey I had my first glimpses of Melbourne for a long time; I think last time I was here was about 25 years ago.

We checked into the hotel and Jai had his evening snack, and a bottle, to try and keep him in routine.

We then ventured out to get some food for ourselves, and asked the desk clerk for recommendations - he suggested Hardware lane, a couple of blocks walk, and we settled into a restaurant called "Max Bar and Restaurant". Eunice had a Salmon and I had a Porterhouse steak. Jai enjoyed the outside entertainment a lot, and I ended up taking him outside to listen to the Drummer/DJ a few times. When I was paying the bill, I quipped to the cashier that the meal was great, as we hadn't been out for a long time due to Jai, and he said he had just recently become a father himself.

After we ate, we headed to a local convenience store to pick up a few items, then went back to the hotel. Jai was asleep by this stage, so put him to bed before settling into doing some nightly duties.

Tomorrow we may have a wander further afield and see what else Melbourne has to offer.