Melbourne by night
21st October 2010

We started the day slowly, eating a good breakfast at the hotel while deciding what to do before heading out.

We had spoken to the desk clerk at the hotel yesterday about suitable sites to see in Melbourne, and he said that, as he was from Sydney, whenever friends came to see him, he always advised they go on the City Circle Tram to view Melbourne. So we headed down to where he advised the local stop was. There seemed to be what I'll describe as 'major' and 'minor' stops along the route; with the major stops having a mini-station to get on and off at; where we boarded was a minor stop, which consisted of a fence in the middle of the road, and not much between yourself and the tram - being with a pram, Eunice was a bit worried about this, and elected to stay on the footpath, rather than in the middle of the road, and our timing was fortunate that the pedestrian lights were green when the tram arrived. Also being one of the minor stops meant we had to lift the pram, with Jai and supplies, about 4 feet into the tram.

Richard on the streets of Melbourne
Richard on the streets of Melbourne

The tram goes around the CBD, we caught it at the Flagstaff station on La Strobe street, and it went clockwise around Melbourne - all the way to Nicolson St., west along Flinders, then north along Harbour Esplanade. It did a small detour to the new Harbour Town shopping precinct, before rejoining La Trobe again.

At the beginning of the tram trip, we had discussed doing one round to see where the sights were, then jumping off and back on again to see a few things. However the ride was pretty unimpressive, as a lot of the sights were not visible to the naked eye, being either a block this way or that way, so all we saw were four streets of Melbourne, in long detail.

We decided to head to China Town, so got off at Exhibition Street, then walked the three blocks to the south before entering.

We wandered around for a bit, then went into a restaurant for a Dim Sum lunch. Considering there was just the two of us eating, it was fairly expensive, costing almost as much as dinner the night before.

We continued to explore China Town before heading back to the hotel, as Jai was due for lunch, a bath, and his afternoon sleep.

While he was asleep (and apparently Eunice also had a nap), I went out and traveled down to the Bourke Street mall, taking a few photos along the way - I wandered and found myself at the State library, I bought some new shoes, as the sneakers I have had a bit of a squeaking problem, before heading back to the hotel.

When I arrived back, Jai had been awake for about 10 minutes, so we rested for a bit before heading out again. We all went down to the Bourke Street mall, and bumped into a friendly lady who chatted to us for about half an hour, one of the most friendly people we have bumped into in Melbourne.

Eventually we were hungry, and looking for a place to eat, but almost all the restaurants were closed or closing, and none had a high chair for Jai, so we went to McDonalds, not far from our hotel, and ate there.

After this long day, we settled back into the hotel room and put Jai to bed, he was a bit restless, probably due to spending a good portion of the day in the pram, and it took him a while to get settled before going to sleep. Tomorrow we are intending to head to Melbourne Zoo.