Melbourne by night
22nd October 2010

The Melbourne Zoo was on today's agenda, catching a taxi at about 9.30am with a rather wild ride, taking about 15 minutes.

Upon arriving there, we were able to use our 'Zoo Friends' cards to gain free admittance, which was a bargain in itself.

We stopped off at the elephants and tigers first, as that was where we ended up - there are a lot of elephants in the Melbourne zoo; I think we counted size, all in large separate enclosures. This lead onto the Orang-Utans, then back to the center of the zoo.

Although the layout is different compared to Perth Zoo, there were a lot of familiar animals, such as the African savannah section we covered next; whereas Perth has a large section dedicated to this, the Melbourne Zoo was comparatively smaller (I should note that the elephants enclosure was substantially bigger).

This went to the 'Australian' section of the zoo, including emu's, kangaroo's koalas and echidnas.

They have a big bird enclosure, and although Perth has a smaller version of this, they both pale in comparison to the KL Bird Park we visited a few years ago.

We stopped off for lunch, which cost another $50 for a couple of pastas and a kids pizza for Jai, but as he was asleep, Eunice cut it up into bits to feed to him later.

Jai woke up around the time we got to the seal exhibition, which was pretty impressive - there were about six or so deals frolicking around, and you went under them to view them playing in the water - Jai was fascinated by them and we stayed there for a while before heading back upstairs.

Next we went to the playground where we had eaten lunch - there Jai played for a while on the steps and slides,

We then headed to the Platapusary, before heading to the bear enclosure.

At this point we decided we'd seen enough Zoo, and headed to the train station to catch the next one back to the CBD. We stopped at the Southern Cross station, as advised by the guard, and walked down Bourke Street to find our hotel.

We had an afternoon snack, trying to keep Jai to his routine, and then Jai and I had a play while Eunice went to China town to pick up dinner for this evening.

After she arrived home, we ate again and then played for a while before Jai went to bed.

Eunice headed out to see some of Melbourne while I sat in and watched over him.