Melbourne by night
23rd October 2010

Eunice had arranged to meet an old school friend, Lenice, at our apartment. She also has a baby, Evangaline, who was born about a month before Jai. It was a wet and windy morning, it seems our run of good weather was up!

We went for a quick visit to the local IGA, to be told we were too early and the shop wouldn't open until 10am - so we walked around the block and then picked up some items.

As Eunice prepared for their arrival, I took a trip to the Queen Victoria Markets, which are at the end of the street we are staying on - I didn't bring the camera and there was not a lot to see besides normal market stuff. I didn't see any absolute bargains, but I'm sure Eunice would have weeded some out if she was there. So I had a cup of coffee and walked back to the apartment.

When I arrived, our guests were there, including Eric, Lenice's husband. So as the girls chatted and the children played, we took a few photos - as they haven't caught up in person for around ten years.

Jai fell asleep just before they decided to leave, so we waited for him to wake up and have a bath and an afternoon snack before we headed out again.

This time we more or less wandered through the streets, heading down Little Bourke street to Spencer.

We spent quite a bit of time at the Southern Cross station, as Jai likes the trains and we looked at some of the express trains - this reminded us of Europe, where trains are still a major mode of transport.

We continued down to Flinders and up Elizabeth street, then up along Bourke Street and back to the apartment.

Tomorrow we move to a different hotel, down at the east side of FLinders, which will give us easier access to other sights on that side of town.