Melbourne by night
24th October 2010

This morning we were due to swap hotels, to another Medina on the easy side of town, so we took the morning fairly slowly, cleaning up our room and gathering our belongings.

Funky sleeper ...
Funky sleeper ...

Jai and Richard spent the majority of the morning going up and down in the lift, and Jai got his last look at the clock tower which faced our room (he had been pointing it out to us over the last few days, as clocks are one of his favorite things at the moment).

We checked out and asked the clerk to let the Medina Executive know we were leaving at around 10am, and caught a taxi down to Flinders street, about 9 blocks around the corner. Arriving at the Executive, we were told that the room wasn't yet available, so Eunice did the checking in, without receiving the keys, and we had our bags stored and then went to see this side of Melbourne.

We started to walk down Flinders and came across Federation Square, where we stopped to take a few photos.

Around the back of the square, there was a festival promoting Indonesia, so we walked around there as the music played, and picked up some of the free promotional packs they had on offer, before stopping off for a coffee and cake. Jai was asleep by this stage of the day, so we spent a little more time looking at the stalls and wandering around, ending up down at the banks of the Yarra river.

We crossed over the bridge to South bank, where there was a Sunday market happening, so we looked around, as Jai had woken up, we played on the stairs.

We crossed back to the north side near Flinders station, and walked to the Melbourne aquarium, where we took a load of photos.

After spending the remainder of the day at the aquarium, we walked back to hotel and settled in; Jai loved the view as it now looks over the street and train lines, and he gets excited every time he sees a tram, train or helicopter fly past. Which is quite frequent.