Melbourne by night
25th October 2010

I woke up early this morning, the trains and trams that had caused so much joy for Jai were damn annoying at night time, leaving us all feeling a bit tired and worse for wear.

We decided to go to the state museum, which was, according to our maps, just a block or two away from the hotel we were now staying in. When we got there, however, I asked the guard at the state parliament building, and he said that was a treasury museum, and was now closed. The state museum was at the end of the road we were currently on.

So we walked a few more blocks and arrived there, paid our fee to get in and viewed the exhibitions that were on display - Jai particularly liked the "Walking with Dinosaurs" display, and was running around enjoying the sights.

He fell asleep not long after this, so Eunice and I kept wandering through, before deciding to stop for lunch.

We wandered a bit more after lunch, but with all of us being tired, decided to go back to the hotel, where Jai had an afternoon snack, and then slept, as I also did, while Eunice went out to see more of Melbourne.

Later, after Jai woke up, had his meal and went to sleep, I went for a walk to Crown Casino - one of the places friends had recommend I go; I was going to have a flutter, but there are better ways to spend money, and then I was going to have a drink, but I still have some bourbon at the hotel, so walked back along South bank, crossing over near the statue of the dogs, and returned to the hotel.