Melbourne by night
26th October 2010

Eunice woke up earlier than Jai and I, and took a couple of photos of the sunrise from our apartment window.

We had arranged today to see a friend of Eunice's that was not feeling the best, Irene, and was in a hospital in the outskirts of Melbourne, so after breakfast we caught a 30 minute cab ride to Clayton.

Jai and I played downstairs as the girls talked and caught up (I think the last time they met was about 10 years ago), and soon Irene needed some sleep so we left and headed into Clayton.

In Clayton we stopped for lunch at a Pizza place called Cafe La Proto, and then wandered back to the train station to catch a train back to Melbourne.

The trains are dirty, with graffiti everywhere, and hard floors. But it got us to Flinders Street station, a short walk back to the apartment, and Jai fell asleep during the journey.

We walked around this station a bit, before trying to get out, where we found out we had bought the wrong ticket; it seems Melbourne has only two zones, and we bought a two zone ticket, but we were supposed to buy and zone one plus zone two ticket. Fortunately the guard let us out and explained it to us, so we didn't have to pay for the extra zone we had traveled.

With Jai being still asleep, we wandered slowly down Flinders street before coming back to the apartment, where he woke up and we had some lunch.

After lunch we played in the apartment for a while, before Jai and I went on the City Circle tram, as Eunice wanted to pack up some luggage because we are heading back to Perth tomorrow.