Melbourne by night
27th October 2010

We are flying back to Perth today, so after breakfast, Jai and I went downstairs to watch trams and wave, and Eunice did the final part of the packing (otherwise Jai unpacks faster than the two of us can pack!).

We checked out of the hotel and called a cab, then we were soon on our way to the airport, with a lot of time to spare.

Arriving at the airport, we checked in, and checked in our bags, with some fuss being made over the pram - when we left in Perth there were no issues with checking it in at the gate, allowing us to wheel Jai around the airport, but at Melbourne they were saying it was too big and could cause some potential problems. As Jai had fallen asleep in the cab on the way to the airport, we preferred him to stay that way; but going through security they insisted we take him out so they could search the pram.

Of course, being removed from the nice warm environment meant that he woke up, so when we were inside we got a coffee and some Krispy Kreme donuts.

We managed to kill a few more hours in the terminal, waiting for our flight at 12.15pm - and we were fortunate enough that a few other families with children were traveling on the plane, so we got to board after the disabled lady.

There were some delays with take off, due to one of the passengers being too ill to fly, so he was escorted off the plane, then they had to unload the luggage and find his and reload it, which took about 40 minutes. During this time Jai was becoming restless, so Eunice used the sling to try to get him to sleep - when they were ready for take off, Eunice handed me Jai, who stirred a bit, but then fell asleep for the better part of two hours on my lap.

The rest of the flight was long and boring - the 767 we had caught was an older plane, with no personalized video screens, so we arrived at Perth a few hours later, collected our bags and caught a taxi home.