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Tanya Gaugin's 35th Birthday
:: © J. R. Mortimer 2002 ::
Tanya turns 35, so the crew went down to Joe's Fish Shack in Fremantle to celebrate the occasion.
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Some photos of making coffee.
Javier Mortimer - day 101
We went to the Perth Zoo, and these are some of the photos.
The first meet of the year was held at Bills, where we raced a lot of 1/32nd cars on his routed track. The HO cars got a small look in after lunch, with no real racing, but more of a social gathering.
These are the photos we had taken by Erin Elizabeth, both before and after Javiers birth.
My sister Natalie and her husband Craig delivered their baby last weekend, we went to visit and these are some of the photos we took.
Some photos of Jai from during the week, including a visit to Fremantle, playing with Chow Chow, and visiting the local school.
I mounted a Roland GK-3 pickup on my PRS Torero guitar, for use with the Roland guitar synth systems.
Making Coffee
Javier Mortimer - day 101
Family day at the Zoo
January HO and 1/32nd Slotcar Racing
Erin Elizabeth pictures
Rhys Peter Williams
Jai at 63 weeks of age (1 year 11 weeks)
Mounting a Roland GK-3 on a PRS Torero
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