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Random photos from the Nokia 7650.
:: © J. R. Mortimer 2005 ::
These are a collection of some random pictures taken on the mobile phone, a Nokia 7650 during 2004. Includes some pictures of flowers, cats, trains, electroonics, candles, african lovebirds and a few of various Koi.
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This weekend, our oldest rabbit, Cream, passed from this place. He was such a placid, gentle creature with a heart of gold. When we first purchased him, along with Cookies, he was a tiny frail little bundle of fur. We thought Cookies (who was
Javier during the week, including having friends visit and a trip to Scitech
We celebrate my sisters birthday in Kings Park, Perth, Western Australia.
Photos of the rabbits, with the new kittens (baby rabbits) at 9 days old. The Father (Cream) is a Drawf Lop, and the Mother (Princess) is a Dwarf Rabbit, in some of the photos you can see how they look a bit like Cream, but because we cant disturb the ne
Yet more photos of our rabbit, Cream, in different situations, including meeting the cats.
Our day at the KL Bird Park in Malaysia
The Lovebirds have babies! I trid to photograph them, but they are deep in the nest. In another 20 days or so there should be some more pictures with the new birds.
The CEO, Bernie Eastman, departs from Motorcharge
Eulogy for Cream, the Dwarf Lop Rabbit
Javier Mortimer - week 36 (9 months)
Janette's Birthday Picnic
Rabbit Kittens
More photos of our rabbit.
KL Bird Park
African Lovebird photos - Agapornis
CEO departs from Motorcharge
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