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Rabbits and Kittens
:: © J. R. Mortimer & E. C. Y. Foo 2006 ::
Some photos of the new rabbit kittens as they wander out and explore the world. We see their older brothers and sisters eating on a rabbit feast, and some pictures of Cream, the dwarf lop rabbit.
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The family get together for a BBQ at Natalie and Craigs place, where they announce their plans for their wedding in September.
Javier at week 27, including Christmas, a visit to Dads work, and some family photos around Perth.
Photos from my Uncles camera, more shots of Porle and Narelle getting married.
We went for lunch at Uncle Dodo and Aunty Florences place, where Jai got to meet his Great Grand Aunty who is visiting from Indonesia.
Bands play at Scarborough, including Antiskeptic, Xavier Rudd and the Hilltop Hoods.
Some photos of Jai from during the week, whilst visiting Malaysia
Jai and I played with Play Doh, some pis of it transitioning.
We took a drive don to Fremantle, and these are some of the pictures from the day.
Natalie and Craig's BBQ
Javier Mortimer - week 27
Porle Mortimer and Narelle Holdsworth get married
Lunch at Uncle Dodo and Aunty Florences
Cosmonautical at Scarborough Beach, Western Australia
Jai at 100 weeks of age (1 year 48 weeks, 23 months)
Play Doh
Family trip to Fremantle
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