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Hohner Steinberger B2 bass upgrade to Roland GK system
:: © J. R. Mortimer and E. C. Y. Foo 2011 ::
These are some photos of upgrading my Hohner B2 bass to a Roland compatible GK system with a GK-3B pickup.
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Javier Mortimer - day 102
These are more photos from Helen and Simons wedding, this series is from Allan and Annas camera.
Some photos of Jai at week 45, including a visit to Hillarys Harbour.At this stage, Jai is very much into buses, playing with the microphone toy, teasing Chow Chow our house bunny and clapping his hands. He has also developed a liking for Hokk
Richard and Jai got to Go Bananas for a day of fun
While driving home from the markets, Eunice snapped these pictures of the sunset out of the car window.
We met up with some friends whom we havent seen for a while, and visited Yanchep beach with them for swimming and exploring.
Photos of the Peach Faced African Lovebirds (genus: Agapornis Roseicollis), taken when they were tearing apart one of the fronds from the Palm tree. A couple of mating photos, and some soft-focus shots of the pairs.
Photos from the Nokia 3650 camera phone, and from the Palm Treo phone from the first half of 2007. Some of the photos include the sighting of the McNaught Comet off the coast of Western Australia, and Eric Claptons concert, a couple of photos of the Alps
Javier Mortimer - day 102
Helen and Simon marry.
Jai at 45 weeks of age
Go Bananas
Yanchep beach
African Lovebird photos - Agapornis Rosecolis
Nokia and Treo Phone Pics, first half 2007
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