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PRS Torero install internal Roland GK-Kit-GT3
:: © J. R. Mortimer September 2011 ::
I modified my PRS SE Torero to include a Roland internal GK-KIT-GT3, which has a 13 pin output to drive a guitar synth. The install took over a month of work, and the stages taken have been documented on each of the photos.
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Family photos from 1985. Not sure who took all of these, but they were probably me.
Jai tests a few bikes at the shops, then we buy him his first bike
Javier - day 15
Some of the roses that accidentally grew in my garden.
Jai and Richard take a bike ride to Burns Beach.
Javier Mortimer - day 109
General pictures of the Koi, who have turned 6 months old.
Mortimer Family Photos 1985
Jai's bike
Javier Mortimer - day 3
Javier Mortimer - day 15 (2 weeks)
Roses in the front yard at home
Burns Beach Bike ride
Javier Mortimer - day 109
Koi at 6 months
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