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Epiphone 5 string Banjo MB 200
:: © J. R. Mortimer October 2011 ::
I bought this Epiphone banjo from eBay when I was experimenting with different instruments, it didn't cost a lot due to a re-glued head turning a lot of people off, but it keeps tune very well for what looks like a mid-range priced instrument. It came with a hard case with the "Epiphone" logo, and sports chrome hardware. A 26 1/4" scale neck with a 1-1/4" nut. Bolt-on neck Mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard and a Mahogany body. Has an American Eagle design on the back in gold paint looks beautiful adds a great touch to this instrument. US made, I'm not too sure of it's history pre-2003 when I first purchased it, although it looks as though the neck was replaced at some stage.
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