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Train Museum, Perth
:: © J. R. Mortimer January 2013 ::
Richard and Jai go to the train museum in Bayswater and look at some of the historic trains.
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Our Canaries and Quails all had babies; these are some photos of them.
Richard and Jai went for a trip to the Zoo. These were some of the pictures we took.
The September round of HO Slot car racing was held at Karls - for the winners and grinners, see the forums.
Javier - day 18
Javier during the week, photos from around home, traveling on the train and a trip to Bunnings
See the complete story of our trip at http://melbourne.richardeunice.myphotos.cc/
Some photos of Jai from his 24th week.
I bought this guitar for my wife, a Hello Kitty acoustic, made by Squire under Fender licence. Its not a bad sounding acoustic, although it has no built in pick up.
Baby Quails and Canaries
A day at the Zoo
September HO Slotcar racing
Javier Mortimer - day 18
Javier Mortimer - week 126 (2 years 22 weeks)
Melbourne trip
Jai at 24 weeks of age
'Hello Kitty' acoustic guitar
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