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Javier Mortimer - day 80
:: © J. R. Mortimer 04th September 2014 ::
Javier Mortimer - day 80
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Eunice and Richard take some time to wander around Kings Park and look at the wildflowers coming into bloom, as well as the normal attractions that Lings Park in Perth, Western Australia boasts.
This set contains the photos from Peters camera, of Richard and Eunices Civil Wedding at home. Including more photographs of the Chinese Tea Ceremony, and the couple at Burns Beach on the Western Australian coastline.
Some pictures of restringing the Maton guitar
Photos from the Optus Sports Day.
These are more photos from Helen and Simons wedding, this series is from Allan and Annas camera.
Some photos of Jai from during the week, including playing at home with his new trike, and a visit from Declan.
We went to Castledare Miniature Railways for Fathers Day and spend the better part of the day there, riding on the small trains around the track. This was Javiers first time here, and he was fascinated with the trains.
We took some time to go to Rotary Park
A Walk around Kings Park
J. Richard Mortimer and Eunice C. Y. Foo's Civil Wedding - Photos by Peter Ng
Maton restring
Optus Sports Day
Helen and Simon marry.
Jai at 41 weeks of age
Castledare Miniature Railways
Rotary Park
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