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Javier Mortimer - week 110 (2 years 6 weeks)
:: © J. R. Mortimer 27th July 2016 ::
Javier spent a lot of time around home this week ...
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On our last day in Kalbarri we stopped to see some more coastal gorges before heading back home. We stopped at Geraldton for lunch, then drove for roughly 5 hours, stopping at Enneabba for fuel.
Javier was mostly around the home this week, with a visit to local shops and the Barbagello caryard to see Ferraris and Maseratis.
Some photos of Jai from during the week, including a visit to the local Library, shopping centre, the Zoo and Yanchep National Park.
We celebrate christmas day at Janette and Waynes place, with Porle and Richard pulling out the guitars and playing through some chrissie carols.
I went to take some photos of a friends band, who perform on djembes and other world instruments.
Some photos from the week of Javier, including celebrating Fathers day and heading to Castledare Miniature Railways
Some photos of Javier, including when Jian Loo visted, South Perth, Kings Park and around home
Kalbarri - Day 8
Javier Mortimer - week 105 (2 years 1 week)
Jai at 61 weeks of age (1 year 9 weeks)
Christmas at Janette and Wayne's
Marakadon / Frit Tit Tat / Go Vocal Choir at Fly by Night club
Javier Mortimer - day 3
Javier Mortimer - week 63 (1 year, 11 weeks)
Javier Mortimer - week 113 (2 years 9 weeks)
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