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Matilda Bay picnic and kayaking
:: © J. R. Mortimer 05th March 2017 ::
We met up with my sister and her family to have a picnic at Matilda Bay and do some kayaking
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Javier during week 29 of his life, including a bike ride and picnic at the duck park, and playing at home.
Leonard, Richard and Jai went on a trip to Klang in Malaysia, first visiting the Sunway Pyramid complex, then taking the BRT to Setia Jaya to continue the journey by the KTM train. When we arrived we looked at the convent school that Eunice had attended i
Pictures of the Avairy being built, and the lovebirds that reside in it.
Whilst visiting Malaysia, Leonard took Jai and I to Serdang, to visit the Mines Megamall, then we came back via Kajang to eat some of the satay in two stalls there; Chinese Satay and traditional Malay Satay. We then headed back to KL Sentral where we took
We celebrated Christmas at Porles place, these are some of the photos.
Jai spent a fair amount of time at home this week, due to the warmer weather, but found fun in his cubby in the backyard.
Some photos of Jai from during the week, including Malaysia, coming back to Perth, and Neil Hawkins Park.
The CEO, Bernie Eastman, departs from Motorcharge
Javier Mortimer - week 29
Journey to Klang, Malaysia
Building an Avairy for the Lovebirds
Serdang in Malaysia
Christmas at Porles
Jai at 71 weeks of age (1 year 19 weeks)
Jai at 101 weeks of age (1 year 49 weeks)
CEO departs from Motorcharge
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