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:: © J. R. Mortimer 26th December 2017 ::
We took a trip to the Pinnacles, about 250km north of us, and took these photos on the day
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Richard and Jai went for a visit to the Zoo.
Friends come out to dinner at a Thai resturant, and then we go on to have a jam at home.
SOme pictures from the assembley where Javier made his first stage appearance
Javier - day 59
Helen and Simon get married, thse are the photos from Richards camera.
We went for a bike ride, but got stopped by two punctures
Some pictures of the Koi, 2 months after we got them. This bunch are a shy lot, hiding behind every nook and cranny, with guests often asking if they exist at all. Here are the pictures as proof.
Richard and Eunice go to the Perth Zoo for the day and take some photos of the animals in their zoo habitat.
Richard and Jai at the Zoo
Richard Mortimer's Birthday dinner and Jam
School assembley
Javier Mortimer - day 59
Helen and Simon wedding
Family bike ride
Koi - 2 months
South Perth Zoo, Western Australia
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